CLASSES. We plan to offer: 

  • 2 livestreaming classes each weekday
  • 1 bonus livestream no-equipment HIIT class at least 2 days per week
  • 1 livestream cycling class and 1 bonus livestream no-equipment HIIT class each Saturday and Sunday

LIVE v. LIBRARY. For the time-being we will offer only LIVE! classes but will add a library for you to use at your convenience if we are able.

Until the studio is permitted to re-open, we will be renting our bikes. If you miss our rental opportunity, we can work to help you locate a bike for rental or, if you have an outdoor bike, you might consider purchasing a BIKE TRAINER

YEA!! We LOVE beginners! You alone control your flywheel (the resistance level) and your leg speed. So you will be able to find success in any of our class formats no matter where you are on your fitness journey. And you are always welcome to stay in your saddle throughout the class or modify a move for comfort or fitness level. Check out our First Timer page for tips to gear up for your first class. 


Most of our classes are 45 min. Periodically we offer a 30-min CYCLE LITE class or a 75-minute DISTANCE class.


Cycling shoes allow you to pedal more efficiently and with less fatigue, improving your performance, fitness, and riding power. To maximize your results and create a silky smooth ride, we require cycling shoes in the Moon Room.
If you don’t have cycling shoes, we offer Shimano IC5 and ME4 cycling shoes for $3 rental. You can reserve your size when you book your bike. We also retail Shimanos in the studio and Lunar Cycle members receive a 20% discount on all Shimano and cleat purchases. 

Shimanos run in European sizes. You can find your size below!

Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Women's Shoe Size conversion         

Men’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Men's shoe size conversion

Our the pedals of our Schwinn AC Power Bikes have SPD clips. If your cycling shoes feature a SPD cleats (like those shown here), then you are set! If not, we offer Shimano IC5 and ME4 for $3 rental. 

Get a class credit or membership on our Buy Now page. Then hop over to our Book Now page, scroll through the schedule to find the class you want, and pick your bike! 

We have an iPhone app where you can book your bike, purchase class credits or memberships, reserve cycling shoes and bottled water, and more! Download iPhone App Here!

You may reserve classes up to 8 days in advance. Special events and CYCLE KARMA rides may be booked up to 30 days in advance. Private rides have longer booking windows that vary. 

It is not required but highly recommended. Some classes sell out, so you might not get a seat if you don’t book in advance. For the classes where there is space, it’s still best to book early for two reasons: 1) you can pick your fave spot in the Moon Room; and 2) you commit to the workout! Plan for success. Build strong habits. Rock the Moon Room while you do it!

If you arrive within the first 15 minutes of class, you may still join the ride. After 15 minutes, the studio doors lock so that our studio staff may join the ride, if they choose. You won’t be able to enter after that time.

If you need to change your reservation or cancel a class, make sure to do so at least two hours before class starts so that another rider may book the bike.

For late cancellations (made within two hours of class start time) and no-shows, there is a $10 late fee to members or a loss of the class credit to credit pass holders. 

We have an iPhone app where you can book your bike, purchase class credits or memberships, reserve cycling shoes and bottled water, and more! Download iPhone App Here! Our Android is coming later in 2020!

Yes! We offer private classes for corporate and personal events for up to 36 people. Pricing available by contacting us at

Yes! All of the Schwinn AC Power Bikes come equipped with a console that tracks your workout and pushes up your intensity. For more information on the Schwinn console, check out our blog!

We often use Motosumo in our CYCLE HIIT classes. You will get a great workout even if you don’t want to incorporate the app into your workout. But if you want to learn more about it or download it, check out our blog!

We have three changing rooms in additional to two bathrooms but no showers at this time. 

Yes! We offer small towels that are sized perfectly for your ride and sports-top bottled water, $3 each.


Yes! Lots! There are 35 spaces (spaces 5-40) behind the brick townhomes just past our building that are available during your ride. (See below.) There are also free and metered street spaces available nearby. 

*Please note that the parking lot immediately behind the studio is reserved for building residents.

Your membership will be first charged on the date of purchase but starts on the date of first use. It renews on a monthly basis based on your date of first use. 


Lunar Cycle is a paperless studio. That includes the green stuff.
We do not accept cash or keep any cash on site. You are able to save a credit or debit card to your customer profile that will allow you to effortlessly charge your account while booking a class, renting cycling shoes, or purchasing an item at the studio.   
All of our trainers are passionate about 1) torching calories on a bike, 2) over some hot beats. Because our trainers continuously create their own unique playlists that reflect their inner DJ, some of their playlists contain explicit lyrics. Our schedule does not note each individual class that may contain a song or songs with explicit lyrics.