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Why Is Indoor Cycling So Popular

Why is indoor cycling so popular - blog LUNAR CYCLE STUDIO

It seems that indoor cycling has taken over the fitness community over the last few years, but why do people like it so much?

Indoor Cycling is Fun!

The high-energy environment of an indoor cycling studio gets your adrenaline pumping, leaving you ready to take on anything. The combination of the beat building music and your instructor motivating you to reach your goals is unlike anything else. What’s better? Classes are filled with people in different phases of their fitness journey, which creates an environment of enthusiasm to work together to help your friends and peers reach the next level. You can believe we put our heart and soul into the design, including light & sound, of our space!

Tons Of Health Benefits

There are many health benefits linked to indoor cycling. Not only does it get your heart rate up and lower your risk of cardiovascular problems, but it has a great impact on your mental health as well. While cycling, your brain produces endorphins elevating the release of serotonin. This can lower symptoms of moderate depression and anxiety. Over time, cycling can have an effect on your overall mood, making you feel calm and in control of your mind and body.

Cycling Is An Incredible Workout

Compared to other workout programs and cardio exercises, cycling is a relatively low-impact workout with BIG results. With little impact on joints, you’re still getting a full-body workout, engaging all of your major muscle groups. Your time spent at Lunar Cycle is bound to give you a great workout. Depending on the level and intensity of the class and each rider, the average person burns 450 to 750 calories per hour while cycling!

Weather Be Damned!

Most riders here in Michigan can be impacted by the weather at some point in the summer, and especially in the winter months. Indoor cycling allows you to get in a great ride, keep training in check and avoid poor weather.  Riding inside also allows for a more structured workout. There are no interruptions from the outside world allowing you to focus completely on creating a better you.

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